Friday, June 23, 2017

OpenMandriva Lx 3.02 Has Released, Bring New Kernel 4.11.3

The OpenMandriva project is a fork of the Mandriva family of Linux distributions. The project's latest release, OpenMandriva Lx 3.02, features a number of package updates, including the Plasma 5.9.5 desktop environment, Wayland 1.12.0, systemd 233 and version 4.11 of the Linux kernel. OpenMandriva's kernel uses the BFQ scheduler for improved desktop performance.

About OpenMandriva

The OpenMandriva distribution is a full-featured Linux desktop and server, sponsored by the OpenMandriva Association. It is based on ROSA, a Russian Linux distribution project which forked Mandriva Linux in 2012, incorporating many of Mandriva's original tools and utilities and adding in-house enhancements. The goal of OpenMandriva is to facilitate the creation, improvement, promotion and distribution of free and open-source software in general, and OpenMandriva projects in particular.

This distribution has been sucessfully installed and run on a dual graphics chip notebook using Bumblebee.
A working i586 image is available however this will only install on genuine i686 boxes. If your machine is 64bit please use the relevant 64bit image.
OpenMandriva Lx 3.02 benefits from major updates and many minor fixes.

Main features in this release:


  • Frameworks 5.33.0
  • Plasma 5.9.5
  • Applications 17.04
  • Qt 5.8.0

Display subsystem

  • Xorg 1.19.3
  • Wayland 1.12.0
  • Mesa 17.1.1


  • Kernel 4.11.3 (with BFQ as defailt I/O scheduler and UKSM enabled by default)
  • systemd 233
  • LLVM/clang 4.0.1
  • gcc 6.3.1_2017.02
  • glibc 2.25


  • Calamares 3.1.0

More information can be found here
A selection of the most popular media players is included, such as SMPlayer, VLC and mpv.
Among graphic applications: Krita, ShowFoto and digiKam.
The ISO building program, omdv-build-iso, features improved support for creating personalised compilations.
The latest LXQt, the lightweight Qt desktop environment, is also included along with Plasma 5
Also we continue to provide support for the innovative F2FS, a filesystem designed specifically for Solid State Disks which gives great performance over other filesystems.
Our special tool OMA Welcome will open at boot. This unique application, recently enhanced, will help you to easily configure OpenMandriva to your needs as well as offering to install some common applications, such as VirtualBox, Dropbox, Wine and a host of others.

Additional information and updated package versions can be found in the release notes.

Download (MD5)OpenMandrivaLx.3.02-PLASMA.x86_64.iso (2,050MB, torrentpkglist).
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