Sunday, June 18, 2017

Debian 9 Stretch is Released, Avaialble For Download

Debian GNU/Linux 9 "Stretch" is a major release that includes better support for modern hardware components and architectures, up-to-date core components and applications, as well as dozens of other new features, stability and security improvements, and countless bug fixes.

The Debian project, which develops the world's largest Linux distribution, has announced the release of Debian 9, code name "Stretch". The usual long-development cycle and conservative, well-tested nature of the product is a consequence of the distribution's support for a number of processor architectures (i386, amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, mips, mipsel, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x) and a wide range of deployment scenarios, including desktops (GNOME 3.22 as default, with KDE Plasma 5.8, LXDE, LXQt 0.11, MATE 1.16 and Xfce 4.12 also provided) and servers. Debian 9 comes with over 51,000 binary packages, a new record for a stable Debian release.

Highlights of Debian GNU/Linux 9 "Stretch"

Highlights of the Debian GNU/Linux 9 "Stretch" release include support for the 64-bit little-endian MIPS (mips64el) hardware architecture, removal of support for the PowerPC (powerpc) architecture, new mirror, and support for the X.Org Server display server to run as a regular user rather than as root.

Major improvements were implemented to the APT and aptitude command-line package managers, as well as the archive layouts, since the Jessie series, there's now a new archive for debug symbols, called debian-debug, and it looks like a new standard naming scheme is now used for naming network interfaces. Debian Stretch is also shipping with the first release of the Debian Astro Pure Blend.

Updated components include Linux 4.9 LTS kernel, GCC 6.3 as default compiler, Glibc 2.24, GnuPG 2.1, MariaDB 10.1, PHP 7.0, Python 3.5, Samba 4.5, Vim 8, GNOME 3.22, KDE Plasma 5.8, LXQt 0.11, MATE 1.16, and Xfce 4.12 desktops, Evolution 3.22 groupware client, as well as LibreOffice 5.2 and Calligra 2.9 office suites.

Debian Stretch is officially supported on 32-bit (i386), 64-bit (amd64), 64-bit ARM (arm64), ARM EABI (armel), ARMv7 (EABI hard-float ABI, armhf), MIPS (mips (big-endian) and mipsel (little-endian)), 64-bit little-endian MIPS (mips64el), 64-bit little-endian PowerPC (ppc64el), and IBM System z (s390x) hardware architectures.

Those running the Debian GNU/Linux 8 "Jessie" release on their personal computers will be able to upgrade to Debian GNU/Linux 9 "Stretch" right now, and those wanting to reinstall or deploy the new OS on other computers can download the installation mediums right now from the website.

Read the release announcement and see the what's new section of the release notes for further information. Debian 9 is available in several variant, including a full DVD set and a separate set of live DVD images with popular desktop environments, among other options. Here is the download link to the amd64 installation DVD image: 
debian-9.0.0-amd64-DVD-1.iso (3,628MB, SHA512torrentpkglist). The live images are also ready (SHA512): 
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